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My Story

Reading at Eborn Books: SLC, UT

Seeing as I am the authority on who I am, let me tell the story of me and how came to be. Feedback or suggestions are always appreciated…

It goes like this: 

Telling you the first book I’d read is fruitless, I don’t know it. It would be quaint to tell you all the books I’ve read or plan to read, but I won’t. Reading has always caught my attention as an under appreciated art form and the reason why I admire my readers who do take the time. Reading is in no way a passive art form, and as you become more adept in the art, the great subtleties of writers become more apparent. Things like tone, tamber, motifs, themes, and voice.

What first lead me to understand my perspective was different was growing up in a household of girls, who all thought very differently than their older brother. While there is no exact point in my life that I can recall saying aloud to myself ‘I am a boy growing up to be a man’, becoming a man was something I told myself implicitly all through my growing up.

My first example of a man was of course my father. Deep down, I knew my father to be a man, but I knew that I wanted to be different. A man still the same, just in my own way. I continue to examine how to be a man every day, and it’s my pleasure to show my perspective in my own way. Even though what I write will be different than what your life has shown you, what I have to write will also resonate with you.

Writing for me started sometime around 8-10 years old. My earliest memory of writing comes from my grandmother giving me a leather-bound journal, words printed in gold on the front hardcover, proclaiming it to be a journal. There was nothing more I wanted in that moment than to write words that would proclaim like gold foil. And even though I was unsure of what to write about at first, over time I was able to develop a fairly coherant voice on the page.

Many journals later, my sense of living and continuity of self came through on the page. Sadly, most of my writing has been lost to time, but what was found along the way was a passion for writing. My college studies pushed me for that passion. After years of practice, my voice became mature & gained depth.  What a joy it has been to have achieved a level of writing where my words freely find me.

This website started back in 2013 out of an interest in being a blogger. I didn’t know what to name the domain other than my name, Alix Court. My guess is that it all stems from years of having to correct others on the spelling of my name. I’d say my name was Alix, with an I. My mother claims that before I was born, I visited her in a dream and told her how to spell my name. This website is partly to get my words out there, but is also another way to get the word out about how spell my name.

When started, there was no purpose of the blog. I knew that it was always going to be about business, it was always going to be about me. And my writing. And what I’ve been reading. It was as though was an expression of being a man. What I have written before now has been for enjoyment and ego stroking. So, it has been cathartic to declare dead.  By removing every blog post from the site, it has given myself a chance to rethink every aspect of my site. Long live!

Who are my readers? Lots of my readers have tried to be business owners in one way or another. Some of them are successful, some struggle, and some fail. And of those that fail, they seem to keep at it until they succeed or no longer have an interest. I’d say that I’m in that last category, a failure at business but fortunate to have experienced success.  As a result of gumption, wherewithal, and support from those that believe in what I am trying to do. In that way,  I have experienced business success.

Now of those who have supported me, my readers are my most cherished. Nothing do I fret over more than those words that I want to put before my dedicated readers. And it is with much anxiety that I give you an idea of my life. Without being vague or indiscriminate to your time, here’s a break down of my life over the last ten years.


This is the year that I would graduate high-school right before my 17th birthday. I earned my dioma alongside an associate degree with the community college in psychology. After that summer I started at the University of Utah.


I would transfer universities from the University of Utah majoring in psychology to Utah State University majoring in English. This is the same year I would first live on my own, and begin acquiring student debt.


This would be the year of renaissance. Lost my virginity. Tried pot, lsd, & mushrooms. Picked up drinking at parties and smoking as a hobby. Wrote a lot of angsty poetry in my notebooks.


This would be the year I began to date a lot. Kind of like a sexual revolution. It was a pleasure meeting so many beautiful women in college. I wrote a ton about my experiences with the women I’d meet.


Quite smoking. Quit drinking to excess at parties. Focused on studies. Decided to graduate in English Education. Began taking the things I wrote for my undergrad more seriously.


Bought a typewriter. Graduated from Utah State University. Married my wife. GOT a snake. The year I made an income as a handyman in my college town, it was the first time I was my own boss.


Left for the big city, Salt Lake City. Worked as a school teacher. Hated being a school teacher. Worked in the city library. Read a ton of books. Literal ton. Started a fungi cultivation company, and failed.


Transported materials as the delivery driver of the city library. Moved a ton a day between six libraries. Started my first snowcone shack, and failed. Wrote my first novel manuscript, accidently shredded it. Threw our first philanthropic event, Peak Stomper; climbed a mountain to raise money for a girl with Rhett Syndrome, one of the best experiences of my life. Told the wife we were running away, so we sold all our stuff. Started Left for Hawaii, lasted one month. Came back to Utah, home sweet home. Started in Real Estate.


Sold my first home, then went on to make rookie of the year. Had my golden birthday.  Met amazing people. Spent a lot of time in an office and on the phone. My website was just hobby or a distraction from my career. Ironically, wrote more during this time than any other before. What I published and what I wrote were two different things.


Continued to write for, sparingly. Spent the year watching old shows. Bided my time with books I had an interest in finishing. Sold my first apartment building. Continued to write volumes of notebooks, which I had no intention of publishing. Much of what I wrote remains in notebooks.


Has become the year of rebirth, a second renaissance. Acquired the habit of using my typewriter. Renewed interest in seeing success out of my website. Began publishing content from my notebooks, and watching readership stats. Rethought site design and purpose. Started Poem Pros. Continued to sell real estate.

I would like to stress the aims for There are four questions that I want to explore on this site: how to be a man, how to be a writer, how to be a reader, and how to be a business owner. This website explores manly living through my eyes and the eyes of others. My main interest in conveying what I know will be by writing words. What you will find here on my site is that there is much to be said of the books that I am reading, just know that I am excited to share what I learn in as many different mediums as possible. And as for porfitable ownership, business is always more fun when we talk in collaboration.

While this website,, is about enjoying the incredible party that is my life. The focus of this website is on taking today to make life important, otherwise you live an unimportant life. The only way I know how to create something great is by writing about my life and celebrating the lives of others. So let’s find cool stuff together, and be sure to share. When we give our awesome self and others a chance to shine in an authentic and genuine manner, we have reason for refinement and recognition.

My name is Alix Court. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my wife and snake, where I eat healthy food, write, train, and read.

Who are you and what do you do?

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