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Man. That is what you are. And that is what I am too. These words, men, are as much for me as they are for you: we are on Earth by virtue of our skill in two areas – the first of these is to fight. The second, we will discuss another day.

Be prepared… The meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previously thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise.

-Robert Baden-Powell

The night before Mayweather – McGregor, I had been taken by surprise. The assailant was sneaky to have sucker punched me. Once I rose to my feet and faced him with years of gym attendance guided by the desire to actualize the ferocity of my mortal frame – he was quickly defeated. The countless hours of gym practice vindicated by seeing my enemy on the ground.

As a man, your birthright is to fight. To be prepared, to stand up and deliver blows with strength and zeal, to be victorious – these are left for those men who make the struggle an honorable labor and effortful joy. So get to it.