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Were it not for this gift, the gift of service, we would all live as ruthless profiteers seeking only to crush others, by fraud or by force, for material gain. There is little to be said of greedy pirates too cheap to be men; stay from this error! For in days of yore, men would hang pirates for all to see that their blight must be blotted out.

To kill an error is as good a service as and sometimes even better than the establishing a new truth Charles Darwin

There is a height to aim for without getting lost in the minutiae of Modern Life – has it not become a maddening mire? The peak of self-directed action is service to others, words a pirate will never find in their cantankerous males.

Let it be known to all that when we give service to others we are rising to our highest ability. So pour out the passion of your person into the world, spare all of your desire for profit, and become your divinity.

And for those whom so selfishly enslave their purity to their profit, sparing no room in them selves for service, are in error.